LEE QUISENBERRY: "Bringing Fitness to You Since 1992"

National Academy of Sports Medicine​​

I started my personal training career in 1992 in San Jose California. Driven by my past as a high school and collegiate athlete, fitness became a part of who I am. From 1992 -1999 I worked at 3 different health clubs wearing a number of hats. From Personal Trainer to Fitness Director and then to Management.                     In that time, I have had the pleasure of sharing my passion of fitness with thousands of clients. 

In 1999 I broke free from the health clubs to start Team Fitness Personal Training. My main focus had two branches. The first branch was "Time" (out of all things in life, you can never get back time) the time that I wanted to spend with my daughter who was 2 years old. The second branch was "Passion", the passion to bring fitness to more people. I was able to maximize this opportunity by working with upscale apartment communities and bringing my service to their residents. The convenience of having a personal trainer arrive at your residence or on-site fitness center has been a complete success. I continue to bring my passion and experience to new clients on a daily basis.

To your health,

Lee Quisenberry  NASM Certified  

Questions For A Perspective Trainer:

1. What education, certifications, or qualifications do

you have?

2. How do you seek continued education?

3. What kind of clients have you worked with in the past, with what results.

4. Do you have experience in addressing my special needs and medical conditions?

5. Do you have Liability Insurance?

6. Do you offer a free consultation that includes a fitness assessment?

7. What are your rates, session lengths, and cancellation policies?

8. What are my options for payment?

9. What's your schedule? Is it adaptable?